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Average Turn Around Times By State
Alabama - 9 hours
Alaska - 4 hours
Arizona - 3 hours
Arkansas - 4 hours
Colorado - 11 hours
Connecticut - 3 hours
Florida - 7 hours
Georgia - 32 hours
Hawaii - 31 hours
Idaho - 1 hours
Iowa - 2 hours
Kentucky - 12 hours
Maine - 9 hours
Maryland - 4 hours
Massachusetts - 16 hours
Michigan - 14 hours
Minnesota - 4 hours
Missouri - 5 hours
Nebraska - 7 hours
New Jersey - 8 hours
New Mexico - 5 hours
New York - 15 hours
North Carolina - 9 hours
North Dakota - 4 hours
Oklahoma - 3 hours
Oregon - 4 hours
Pennsylvania - 4 hours
Rhode Island - 2 hours
South Dakota - 27 hours
Utah - 4 hours
Vermont - 17 hours
Washington - 10 hours
Wisconsin - 3 hours

About Absolute Background Search, Inc.

Do you need a reliable background search from a trusted source? The world has become increasingly convoluted to navigate- the online one even more so. Since 2000 we have prepared highly trained and knowledgable team members to undertake our company’s mission: to make the world more transparent, and it starts with us as there are no hidden fees. Absolute Background Search performs the employment background checks of your potential hire– so you can be absolutely aware of the character, history, and potential liability they bring to your company’s culture.

Our Services

Criminal Records

Criminal Records

A criminal record check is an important step to protect your company. This search can make you aware of liability and risks a potential hire can bring…

Education Verification

Education Verification

This type of personal check will not only allow you to be certain of the applicants qualifications, but it will also allow you to know the quality of education received.

Employment Drug Screening

Drug Screening

As a business owner, one of the first steps to a successful and responsible hiring is an employment drug screening. Our access to the best drug testing facilities will give you…

Credit Report

Credit Report

A Credit report that is used for employment background check purposes is not the same as a standard credit report. This will furthermore help you…

Employment Verification

Employment Background Check

Employment verification confirms the current and the past references. It is important for employers to see if a person in question is…

Wants and Warrants

Wants and Warrants

Reports on possible active wants and warrants information compiled as a nationwide repository…

Reasons to Choose Us

Instant Background Reports
Employment background screening services that can be sent immediately.
Technology and Automation
We guarantee the highest quality searches from the best labs
Volume Pricing
Volume pricing and customizable packages made by YOU
Excellent Customer Service
Immediately responsive customer service is our backbone

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Employment Background Screening Speed

Our average turnaround time for county criminal history searches is 24 hours. Over half of the counties we search are returned the same business day and are FCRA compliant. THESE ARE NOT DATABASE SEARCHES.

Employment Background Screening Price

Our prices for criminal records are below average for the industry. There are no set up fees, and you get invoiced every month. We are happy to address your needs for volume pricing, as well as custom package pricing. Absolute Background Search understands employment screening can be expensive to your company’s bottom line; that’s why, with our volume, we can deliver the best pricing for employment screening on the internet today.

Low Price Background Check

Employment Background Screening Accuracy

Since 2001 Absolute Background Search, Inc. has missed less than 0.001%, and in most cases, the case lost was found before the client ever saw the report. The Quality Assurance Program ensures that all records are reviewed and audited for accuracy. This means we found mistakes before the client saw the impact.

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