Average Turn Around Times By State
Alabama - 9 hours
Alaska - 4 hours
Arizona - 3 hours
Arkansas - 4 hours
Colorado - 11 hours
Connecticut - 3 hours
Florida - 7 hours
Georgia - 32 hours
Hawaii - 31 hours
Idaho - 1 hours
Iowa - 2 hours
Kentucky - 12 hours
Maine - 9 hours
Maryland - 4 hours
Massachusetts - 16 hours
Michigan - 14 hours
Minnesota - 4 hours
Missouri - 5 hours
Nebraska - 7 hours
New Jersey - 8 hours
New Mexico - 5 hours
New York - 15 hours
North Carolina - 9 hours
North Dakota - 4 hours
Oklahoma - 3 hours
Oregon - 4 hours
Pennsylvania - 4 hours
Rhode Island - 2 hours
South Dakota - 27 hours
Utah - 4 hours
Vermont - 17 hours
Washington - 10 hours
Wisconsin - 3 hours

Our Services

Criminal Records search background checks and employment screening

Criminal Records

A criminal records check is an important step to protect your company. This search can make you aware of liability and risks a potential hire can bring.

Education Verification services for background checks and employment verification

Education Verification

Education verification allows you to be certain of the applicant’s qualifications as well as the quality and type of education received so you can rest assured they ‘made the grade’.

Employment Drug Screening for background checks and employment screening

Drug Screening

A crucial step in successful and responsible hiring is a pre-employment drug screening. Ensure your workplace is safe with and drug-free.

Credit Report search for background checks and employment screening

Credit Report

A pre-employment credit report are not the same as a personal report. This search may aid you in verifying a candidate is responsible and reliable with company money.

Employment Verification for background check and employment screening

Employment Verification

Employment verification confirms a candidate’s current and past references. It is one of the most important steps in hiring a new employee and confirms the candidate’s experience level.

Wants and warrants record search for background check and employment screening

Wants and Warrants

Wants and Warrants searches verify a candidate isn’t a known person of interest in any investigation and could save you from bringing a potential offender into the workplace, saving you trouble in the future.

Reasons to Choose Us

Instant Background Reports
Employment background checks that can be performed immediately
Technology and Automation
Our SMART Search technology guarantees industry-leading turnaround times and the most accurate results
Volume Pricing
Competitive pricing and customizable packages made by YOU
Excellent Customer Service
Swift, responsive customer service around the clock

Background Checks - Turnaround Time



About Absolute Background Search, Inc.

Absolute Background Search provides pre-employment screening and employment background checks so you can be sure you’re hiring the right candidates in an ever-evolving world. For over 20 years we have prepared highly trained and knowledgeable team members to bring transparency to background checks. Utilizing SMART Search technology, we guarantee your background check will be simple, accurate, fast, and efficient. With search results this quick and accurate, you can trust that your business is SAFE with Absolute Background Search.

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