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Automotive Industry Background Checks

The automotive industry comes with a lot of inherent risk and in many cases, a higher than average employee turn over rate.  Finding the most qualified employees, in addition to protecting your company against uneccessary risk and liability, starts with a thorough background check.

Smart Search Plus is a thorough criminal background check that provides nationwide results on an individuals criminal history. Results are available within 24 hours and cover the county, state and federal level. Having this information allows you to dig deep into an applicants past to learn more about them as an individual and will help your team when choosing the candidates that are the best fit for your business. 

We suggest our clients in the automotive industry perform Criminal Record Checks, Driving History Checks, Employment Verification,  and  Drug Screening when processing an applicant, but your team is free to customize the solutions that fit your needs best.  

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What Automotive Industries should perform Background Checks?

We believe all companies should perform employment background checks on potential new hires. Doing so can be one of the best low cost investments you can make in to your company. Companies ranging from car dealerships, auto repair shops, even boat dealers, marine service centers and repair shops all have the same risks from undesirable employees. Not only is it beneficial to do so prior to hring, but annual background checks and DMV record checks can lower your liability insurance premiums as well. 

When you perform pre-employment background checks, it can tell you a lot about a potential employee and how they may affect your company. Theft, embezzlement, credit card fraud, harassment, workplace violence, and other crimes can bring costly and even disastrous financial consequences to a company, it’s employees, and it’s reputation.

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