Are Background Checks Required?

Are Background Checks Required?

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Nowadays many jobs and employers require background checks. They help employers make informed decisions about potential hires, as well as mitigate risk. While many employers require background checks, are they required by law?

Background checks are not required by federal law. However some industries may have their own laws and regulations. These regulations are in place to protect the public, keep safe work environments, and ensure professionals are qualified for their position. Examples of industries that usually require background checks include education, medical and healthcare, law professionals, and drivers.

Professional License Verification

Professional license verification may be required in some industries. Checking for professional licenses helps to ensure a candidate has the required licenses they say they have, as well as help protect the employer from a negligent hire. It is important to verify that such licenses are in good standing, and that an employer is aware of any negative information on file with the licensing agency/entity.

Driving Records Requirements

In some industries, driving records are a highly common requirement. The trucking industry is one of many with regulations and requirements on driver screenings. Taxis are another example of drivers that may be required to complete background checks. These regulations help to protect others on the road. MVR checks are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  An MVR Check lets you look at non-criminal moving violations.

Background Checks for Educators

For teachers and education professionals, background checks are a common requirement. Teachers may be required to undergo criminal record background checks, as well as professional license checks, and education verification. This is in place to protect children as well as ensure the teachers are qualified.

Lowering Risk

Negligent hiring is a risk no employer wants to have. By following regulations and duing proper due diligence, background checks can help to mitigate the risk. Background checks from a reputable company is one of the best low cost solutions you can make for your business.

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