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Construction Background Checks

Construction Background Checks

It’s no secret that the construction industry has a labor shortage and a high turnover rate. There’s a consistent need for skilled labor. One of the best ways to ensure that you are hiring competent, skilled, and reliable employees that meet YOUR needs  are Construction Background Checks. People often bulk apply to jobs like these, you’re not the only place they applied. Not in a job market as competitive as it is now. You might find the person you believe is the perfect employee, you just need to verify that they are who they say they are with a background check. You don’t want to lose them quickly to another company because your background check took too long. One of the biggest issues with background check providers is that they are too slow. 

Fast Background Screening for a Fast-Paced Industry

We are better than other background check providers, we can get you results by the end of the day. We provide the fastest background screening, because we know that you need to get back to that candidate as soon as possible.

License Verification, Criminal History and more...

There are plenty of other reasons to run Construction Background Checks. People often lie on their resumes. You can ensure that your potential hire has the education, licenses, and employment history that they say they do. Someone who has a violent history might not be a “good hire” for a position like this. Access to dangerous tools, or perhaps weapons in a security position could prove dangerous, and hazardous to the safety of your other employees. Someone with a history of drug abuse could be a safety hazard to other employees with the heavy machinery often used on site. Substance abuse plays a role in 35% of all workplace injuries and fatalities. Many of these accidents could potentially have been avoided. The equipment that many of these employees work with isn’t cheap either. A construction worker background check could also help you avoid equipment theft.

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