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Drug Screening Information Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Drug Test And Drug Screen? Click Here
Should we always use an MRO to discuss positive drug test results? Subject: MRO
1. Yes. The MRO is the only person who should discuss possible medical explanations for positive test results with applicants and employees because: (1) the MRO will keep the information provided by the applicant or employee confidential; and (2) the MRO has the medical expertise to make an appropriate conclusion about the applicant’s or employee’s potentially legitimate use of medications that may affect a drug test result. The employer’s non-participation in the MRO review process actually protects the employer from making erroneous decisions that could lead to discrimination claims, or from acquiring unnecessary knowledge of medical facts that could be the basis of later, unrelated discrimination claims.

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  • Do not engage in discussions with applicants or employees over reasons for positive (or potentially positive) drug test results. As stated above, all discussions concerning applicants’ or employees’ use of legal medications – and their effect on drug test results – should be directed to the MRO, not to the employer. Employers should review their drug and alcohol testing policies to ensure that applicants and employees are advised to discuss their use of legal medications only with the MRO, not with the employer.

2. Common Methods Used To Avoid Detection of Illegal Drugs

A. Adulteration (non-negative adulterated specimen)
Substances frequently used for adulterating/distorting urine results are salt, bleach, soap and eye drops. Also, other products are sold online or through “Head Shops” purporting to mask positive drug test results. These chemicals are also frequently detected by the lab, and the specimen will be reported as adulterated.
B. Substitution of Sample/Specimen (Non-negative temperature out of range)
Urine samples from another person are also commonly substituted.However the challenge facing applicants who attempt this method of using substitute urine is keeping the urine sample at the correct temperature. Believe it or not powdered urine is available online in packets, which are mixed with water to create a urine sample from concentrate. Powdered urine can be purchased online in packets, and then mixed with water to form urine. Liquid urine, synthetic urine, and urine from another person are also commonly used. Powdered urine can be purchased online in packets, and then mixed with water to form urine. Substituting a urine sample is when the donor provides urine that did not originate from his or her body. The most popular form of this is urine from concentrate. Powdered urine can be purchased online in packets, and then mixed with water to form urine. Synthetic urine, and urine from another person are also often used.The biggest challenge in using substitute urine is keeping the urine at the correct temperature. Providing a specimen out of normal temperature range (Too cold cold or Too hot) will alert the lab technician, and the applicant will be required will be forced to retest. Chemical warmers are routinely used to keep concealed urine samples warm.
C. Dilution (Non-negative diluted specimen)
Dilute specimen” is a urine sample that has a water content above the testing parameters.Attempted dilution is fairly common. An  applicant drinks excessive amounts of fluid, the concentration of urine will become diluted.  While this will lower drug ratios in the urine.  laboratory will indicate that it is a diluted sample.
See Florida Drug Free Workplace Statute: Drug Screening Specialists will rigorously monitor your account and will answer any of your questions.If you are using other drug screening companies, we will likely lower your drug screening costs. Moreover, you can enter the applicants data only one time for all your employment screening needs. Simply check the block for drug screening and your applicants information is automatically transmitted for you to the drug screening facility.Enter the applicant into the Absolute Background Search, Inc. order system as soon as you know the individual will be taking their drug test

Easy and Fast Drug Screening

  1. Provide the Chain of Custody form to your applicant prior to Drug Test. (All required forms are furnished by Absolute Background Search, Inc.)

  2. The applicant goes to the laboratory. The nearest locations are provided from the laboratory web site.

  3. After collecting the specimen, the courier service typically arrives around 3:00 pm. to pick up the specimens. The courier is usually able to get the specimen to the testing center within 24 hours.

  4. Positive results can be sent to the Medical Review Officer to verify any medical reasons why the drug screen came back positive.

  5. Testing can take 24-48 hours depending on the test conducted before the results are reported to Absolute Background Search, Inc. and forwarded to you promptly

Just Ask for a copy of the applicants completed Chain of Custody.
A. This form is proof that the applicant went for the drug screen collection
B. Provides the facility information: name, address and phone number
C. Date and time of collection.
Please note that many employers include in their employee handbook a strict requirement to complete the drug screening process within a specific period of time.

How long do drugs stay in your system?

The following factors affect how long drugs remain detectable:
Type of drugs used
Potency of drugs used
Frequency of drug use
Amount of drug use
Overall health
Physical Weight
Physical height
Body fat (BMI)
Frequency and intensity of exercise
Mental State

What are the most recent statistics concerning employment drug testing?

  • 65% of those entering the workplace have used illegal drugs?

  • 23% of all American workers use dangerous drugs on the job?

  • 42 billion dollars a year is lost to drug and alcohol abuse?

  • 33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from jobs in the last three years?

  • 25% of applicants were actually caught lying during an interview?

  • 30% of applications contain false information?

  • 30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices.

  • Drug users cost 300 % more medical costs and benefits.

  • 70% of illegal drug users have a full time job.

  • 38% – 58% of on-the-job injuries can be attributed to alcohol/drug abuse.

An employers guide to a drug free workplace program (Florida) Click Here Absolute Background Search, Inc. provides Criminal, credit, driving records and other employment background check services and we also offer Drug Screening. We work very closely with laboratories located throughout the United States.

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