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Employment Screening Process, What To Know?

The hiring process of new employees changes with technology. In 2021, the process is so simplified. You can order a background check from a company like Absolute Background Search for one low fee. The employment screening process informs you if the candidate you are hiring is qualified for the position. Taking into account their background, work history, and other personal information.

Want to know how can the employment screening process be beneficial for you? How the process works and how can you utilize it in favor of your company as an employer? The text below speaks all about the employment screening process.

employment screening process

What is Employment Screening Process?

Whenever a company posts an open position, a lot of people apply for the job. The resume and application they provide may not be 100% accurate. The statistics show that 30% of people lie on their resume. After you manually vet the applicants and conduct multiple job interviews, the last step is to verify their credentials. Therefore, the employment screening process helps review the applicant’s information, including his criminal, educational, employment, location, and other significant records. Precisely, a comprehensive and in-depth verification process is known as the employment screening process.

The Employment Screening Process

As an employer, you can cross-check and verify the applicant’s information. However, if you are taking assistance from some of the employment screening companies, you must get written permission from the applicant.

Do's and Don'ts of The Employment Screening Process

However, there are some dos and don’ts when you are doing a background check of the candidate:

Employers can check:

  • Contact details
  • Employment history
  • Credit and Debt Information
  • Criminal records
  • Ownership
  • Licenses
  • References, etc.

Common Employment Screening Test

• Criminal History:

The purpose of criminal background screening is to check if there are any possibilities that the applicant might be a wrong hire for the company and pose a threat to it in any way in the future by checking his previous criminal records.

• Drug Test:

Almost all companies conduct a drug test before hiring an applicant for a position. The test is essential for the health and safety of the applicant and other employees of the firm.

• Credit History:

The employers screen the financial data in this test by verifying from related bank managers, accountants, etc. The better the credit score, the more trustworthy, reliable, and responsible the applicant is and vice versa.

• References:

Most hiring managers prefer using references to obtain information and perform the screening process for the applicant.

Steps for the Employment Screening Process

1. Check the Basic Requirements of The Role:

Depending upon the role, you can make a checklist and tick off all the basic requirements that require fulfillment. For any candidate to make it to the next steps of the screening process, they must qualify the checklist first.

2. Look For Qualitative Attributes:

Next, look for some preferred qualities in candidates that would make them a better fit than other applicants. It can be anything from work experience to skills, depending upon the job type.

3. Match the Job Roles and The Applicants Persona:

Third, look for few applicants with the potential, relevant experience, and educational background to efficiently fulfill the specified job role. Now, shortlist accordingly and invite them for an interview.

4. Order A Background Check On The Applicant

Finally, when you have 1-2 applicants you would like to hire, the last step is to order a background check. You can order an employment background check from Absolute Background Search here


Undoubtedly, the employees of any company serve as the base of the company. A good team of employees is synonymous with the constant growth of the business. One of the most crucial decisions for any employer or hiring manager is which individual is the right employee for their organization.  Follow the screening process above and screen employees effortlessly.

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