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Health Care Provider Employment Screening

Employment Background Checks in hospitals, nursing homes, home health care providers, non-profit agencies, and other organizations within the healthcare industry must meet strict requirements. Medical field Employers face a unique set of requirements and liabilities. Absolute Background Search, Inc., works with both large and small Healthcare Companies to reduce both liability and time to perform a proper Employment Background Check.

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Inadequate or poorly conducted background checks

Many health providers find themselves the target of litigation for the actions of employees on whom they failed to conduct a thorough criminal record background check. A proper background check for employees in the health care or assisted living industry must include a check of the Sex Offender Registry in all 50 states, a check of Medical Fraud OIG Sanctions, as well as a check of criminal records at local, state and federal jurisdictions. The civil courts have continuously held that simply not knowing about a criminal record is not a defense. If the record would have been discovered in thorough background check, then it is assumed that the employer should have been aware of it. 

Background Check Foundation

The foundation of a quality medical provider employment screening background check is our Smart Search Plus®.  This extensive criminal record background check includes a SSN Trace, to establish and address history as well as other possible names (like Maiden name), a Sex Offender Registry search in all 50 states, and rounded out criminal records search that covers all jurisdictions (local, state, and Federal) where the applicant has resided in the past 7 to 10 years (depending on State laws/requirements).

Custom Solutions

Custom employment screening has been developed for hospitals, nurses, physicians, and other health professionals. It can be further customized to meet specific Hospital/Facility requirements.  Also offered is current employee and contractor Background Checks, to ensure nothing has changed that could be a problem.

Monthly Invoicing

You will receive an itemized statement monthly for easy record keeping. Payment is due on net 30-day terms.

Affordable Employment Screening

There are no hidden charges, monthly fees or set up fees. There is no software to install or licensing fees. Absolute Background Search’s pricing is competitive, due to our nationwide network and volume pricing.
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