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How To Hire Your First Employee (Employment Screening Services)

Employment screening services help companies properly hire employees. Companies like Absolute Background Search are experts in background checks. Hiring employees is a stressful task. It is also crucial to the success of your business. Therefore, it is important to hire properly. If you want to ensure that your hiring process is streamlined and proficient, here is a short informative page on employment screening. 

Steps To Hire The Right Employee

1. Consideration Before The Hiring Process:

Employment Screening Services

Whenever you think that you need an employee for your company, there are a few things to consider: Skill sets, responsibilities, availability, salary expectations, & requirements. There are a few considerations that you have to prepare before starting the recruiting process, for instance:


As an employer, there are taxes, payrolls, and benefits that you are bound to pay. Therefore, you have to decide what you can offer for the position. Keeping in mind what you can afford knowing your company’s monthly revenue and expenses. Sometimes the ideal candidate might have a little bit more experience than you requested and they may negotiate a higher salary. Make sure you understand your budget and bargaining power. 

Job Responsibilities

The reason to hire an employee is to help move your business forward. In exchange for a salary, you are getting a problem solved for your business. Before hiring an employee make sure you have a clear definition of what you want this role to accomplish. What is the applicant going to do that will help your company or free up your time?

Legal Necessities:

It is essential to consider all the legal obligations before hiring your employee, for instance, obtaining an employer identification number, setting up a payroll system, employer compensation, and other paperwork.

Other essentials could include setting up employee benefits, creating a handbook, and making a proper filing system. You can read more here.

2. Obtaining The Right Candidates:

Although you are seeking applicants, there are a few things that you must consider to create a job post that will attract the ideal candidate.

Create A Persona Of Your Ideal Candidate:

Write down all the characteristics that you are looking for in the employee, including technical skills, language proficiency, soft skills, and much more. Remember, you will be working with this applicant daily. Make sure you hire the right cultural fit as well. The better your team communicates and gets along the better output of work they will produce. 

Draft An Eye-Catching Job Description:

You need to hire the right employee, and you don’t want to lose the right applicant to your competitor. It is important to write a compelling job description. Remember that you are not just taking applications, you are selling your workplace to the right applicant. When hiring for an entry level or an executive level position, make sure you are properly vetting your employees. The people you hire directly correlate with your success. You must build the winning team. 

Write the job description with the ideal applicant in mind. What are they looking for and what do they want.

3. Screening The Right Candidates:

Now, once you have job applicants, the next step is identifying the top candidates for your job posting.

Interviewing Candidates:

The most crucial stage is interviewing candidates face-to-face. The step lets you understand a lot about the potential applicants. Make sure to ask questions that tell about the applicants’ visions, their response to difficult situations, their passion, and motivation, along with other similar questions that help you know more about the applicants. You should ask the applicant everything you need to know before hiring someone. 

Reach Out To References:

Get in contact with the applicant’s top references to dig into more details regarding the applicants’ personality, skills, links, work-relations, and previous records.

Background Screening:

After vetting your top applicants. You should have a couple candidates you are seriously considering for the role. Before offering the job to an applicant it is important to get a background check done on each one. You can order a background check for as low as $35. These reports will give you accurate info on your potential employee such as employment and education records, along with criminal or debt history. 

Order a background check here. 

4. Offering Job To The Right Candidate:

Once you have decided the perfect fit for your company, it is time to hire them.

Job Offer Letter:

Once you decide and tell the candidate in person, the next step is to send an official offer letter. Include all the necessary details, job roles and duties, and terms and conditions of the position.

Warmly Welcome The Employee:

Greet your employee warmly and build their pace in the company. Ensure that they are comfortable and guide them thoroughly. A lot of businesses have a grace period of 30 days that allows learning and mistakes. 


Undoubtedly, hiring employees is one of the most crucial, complex, and time-consuming tasks for hiring managers. Factually, the employees play a significant role in the company’s success and growth, no matter how small or big the organization is. The more informed and accurate the decision, the more your company will benefit. 

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