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Mortgage Broker Employment Background Checks

Mortgage companies, banks and other lending institutions all have the same risks from undesirable employees. Losses arising out of employee or manager theft, embezzlement, credit card fraud, harassment, workplace violence and other crimes can bring costly and even disastrous financial consequences to a firm, it’s employees and it’s reputation. Financial businesses know the cost of a “Bad Hire” is incalculable….

FBI statistics reveal that the overwhelming majority of all thefts from financial businesses are connected by some aspect of employee involvement. These facts alone dramatically illustrate the need for a thorough and comprehensive pre-employment background screening program that includes a quality nationwide state and Federal criminal record background check for all applicants. Clearly, a quality employment background check screening program is an employer’s first line of defense in avoiding losses altogether. And, sometimes it provides the best and perhaps only defense in a negligent hiring claim. Human resources departments at businesses with a thorough pre-employment background check program find that applicants with a criminal record are less likely to apply. They won’t waste their time or yours. Conversely, human resources professionals know that businesses that provide a safe and stable working environment attract the best employees. Employees that are proud to work with other well screened employees.

Fast Turn Around Times

Hiring is competitive. Fast background check results are an absolute necessity for fast hiring decisions.
Our job is to help you quickly identify the right people to hire.. Our instant driving records means you can determine in seconds whether or not to proceed with the time and expense of the hiring process. Our criminal record Smart Search Plus® has become the industry standard for dealership employment screening. A truly superior criminal record background check that also includes a check of Federal criminal recordsMost criminal records checks do not include this important check of Federal criminal records, which includes up to 10% of all criminal activity. Many crimes such as embezzlement, credit card fraud, internet sex crimes, tax and bank fraud and many other crimes are prosecuted in the Federal criminal system and will not appear in the state or county criminal record checks included in most criminal record background checks. For an example of an applicant with a Federal criminal record but no state or county arrest record, Click Here. This record would not have been found without a check of the separately maintained Federal criminal records systems which contains about 10 per cent of all arrest records. Give us a call. You will find that we know your business.

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