Education Verification

What is education verification and why is it important?

Education verification searches are routine checks to confirm an applicant’s education history. When used in conjunction with a standard background check, education verification is particularly useful for positions that require higher-education to be completed as a baseline for application, like engineering, medical, or teaching positions. 

These are not requests for transcripts, so they do not show individual courses taken and GPA, for instance. However, they do show certificated courses completed like those from trade schools and other education outside of a traditional university or institute. An education verification check confirms where the candidate went to school, the type of degree obtained, the graduation date, and also their major.

Typical Education Verification records include

  • Dates of Enrollment
  • Degree earned and major subject of study
  • GED Equivalency Exams
  • Certificates received
  • Completed courses
  • Date of  course completion or graduation

How does the education verification process work?

High schools, colleges, and universities are contacted directly for the purpose of validating education claims. Because verification is obtained through the candidate’s educational institution, the information returned for an education verification search depends on the institution’s specific policies.  This allows us to get a quick, broad view of the applicant’s education history without breaching their privacy.

What if the applicant is a current student?

If the applicant is currently enrolled, we are typically able to obtain:

  • Estimated completion date
  • Credits earned
  • Current student status


An education verification search is not a catch-all for digging into applicants’ school records. It is a quick, broad search that is best used in conjunction with a standard background check, criminal record search, drug screening, or other background check.

We always encourage clients to make use of our education verification service as it provides extra security when screening applicants. However, education verification is just one small part of background checks. We suggest you browse our other staffing solutions in order to decide which services best suit your hiring needs.

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