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Employment Verification

What Is Employment Verification?

When hiring a new employee it is important to do your due diligence. This is why applicants are asked for references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers that need to be followed up upon. Employment verification confirms the current and the past references. It is important for employers to see if a person in question is currently employed, has a questionable work history or submitted an accurate and truthful resume.

How Does Employment Verification Work?

While background checks can’t see previous employers, you can verify the information provided by applicants. Our employment verification does all the hard work for you. Our experienced team searches a person’s employment status, current location of employment, and history of employment. No longer the need for numerous phone calls. It removes the need to call every applicant’s claim. It provides relief from tracking down hard-to-access details.

How Does this Help my Company?

Hiring the wrong candidate can cause a company loss of productivity, potential lawsuits and grievances, diminished employee morale, and a ding to corporate reputation. One of the top reasons for unsuccessful hiring is the decision maker having false information or not enough accurate information. Our employment checks provide you and your company relief as well as confidence in your hire.

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