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Social Security Number Trace

The Social Security Number  Trace provides you the opportunity to cross check names and previous residence history of a potential job hire for possible inconsistencies. Sometimes a SSN trace can be confused as a method of identity verification. However, although a SSN trace can identify aliases, addresses, and the validity of a specific SSN, it doesn’t verify that a SSN belongs to the person who provided it. For this reason, SSN trace is a powerful background screening tool.  It is best used in addition to a broader background screening program.

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How does a Social Security Number Trace work?

A SSN trace is able to show history reporting back anywhere from 3-10 years. It searches hundreds of different sources that are both public and private for:

  • Assesses whether a candidate’s Social Security number is valid
  • US Postal Service (USPS) mail forwarding records
  • Offers additional information on employees such as other aliases and maiden names
  • Voter registration records

Why should I ask for a SSN Trace in a Background Check?

First, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) like Absolute Background Search use it to check for multiple reasons. Whether the number is valid in addition to it belonging to the name provided,  helps return accurate background check information about the right person. 

Secondly, state and county searches are also important in conducting the most thorough checks on candidates. A SSN helps provide the residential address information on a potential hire. This type of check will give you knowledge on different places of residence  and allow you to do criminal searches for places in different jurisdictions.

Furthermore, it’s important to be able to have a safe and healthy environment at your place of work. At Absolute Background Search our Social Security Number Trace tools will give you the information you need to protect your company from fraudulent hires.

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