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Wants & Warrants

A Wants and Warrants Check is exactly what it sounds like. It is a search for outstanding wants and warrants. By doing this check it can tell a lot about a potential hire and how they may affect your company. Warrants can appear for a variety of reasons and range from traffic tickets, failure to appear, outstanding fines, parole violations, violent offences, to non-violent offences. You should check for outstanding wants and warrants when hiring a potential employee. By doing so, it can help to protect the companies assets, workers, and prevent negligent hiring claims.

How does a Wants and Warrants Check work?

Reports include felony or serious misdemeanor offenses as defined by the issuing agency. These reports can be obtained from a nationwide search for more serious crimes. At the county level, which is often associated with a current case, warrants can be returned with the County Criminal Records search. Having an active warrant does not always mean the individual is guilty of a crime. All possible warrants are verified at the issuing agency or through a County Records search to verify accuracy prior to release to clients in order to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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