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Workers Compensation History Report

Employment workers compensation for background checks and employment screening

What is a Workers Compensation History Report?

A Workers Compensation History Report contains information about an applicant’s past workers compensation claims. While the information available changes from state to state, typically it will include: date of injury, time lost, employer during the time of incident, type of injury, body part and job-related disability. Workers’ comp claims history reports are not available from:

  • Canada
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Texas
  • Vermont

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a service provided by employers that provide financial support in the form of medical expenses and lost wages to an employee in the event that they are injured at work. When you accept workers’ compensation you usually wave your right to sue your employer for the incident.

How to get a Workers Compensation History Report?

We create an abbreviated report for you from two types of government documents: Report of Injury and Court Contested Claims. Some states also have privately reported information available.

Why do I need a Workers Compensation History Report?

Knowing the history of your applicants’ workers compensation claims can help protect you and your employees. The information contained in this report can

  1. Reveal the safety history of your applicant to determine if they represent a danger to others
  2. Determine if an applicant has falsified their medical history
  3. Location of employers which were left off the job application due to Workers Compensation claims

How Should Workers Compensation Affect my Hiring Decision?

Workers Compensation information is considered to be health and disability related under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In order to be in compliance with this federal act, an employer must NOT ask any questions about an applicant for employment that is connected with health and disability unless, and until, the employer has made a tentative job offer to the employee applicant or has made an actual job offer which is NOT tentative.

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