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For a full listing of our employment screening products and services just click on the link below for a detailed explanation of the service. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be glad to provide a prompt written proposal for any services you need.

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Businesses need an efficient, effective solution to the employment screening process. We specialize in providing the best employment screening solutions available. Our employment screening records checks are thorough and FCRA compliant. Our fast turn around times quickly provide the information you need to make hiring decisions.  And our prices are competitive for any size business. The cost to a business of  a “Bad Hire” is incalculable. A thorough criminal record background check is the primary building block in a company’s risk management program. The due diligence of a quality background check is one of the primary protections a company may have  in the event of harm to an employee or litigation arising out of the acts of one of it’s employees. And of course, all background checks and other employment screening tools must be completed within the strict guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act  (FCRA). All of our criminal, driving record and other reports comply with the requirements of these regulations. A thorough criminal records background check is the foundation of a company’s risk management policy. Our Criminal Record Smart SearchPlus” sets a new industry standard by providing unlimited Federal Criminal records checks along with other verified State,  County and Database searchesInstant driving records are available from all states except Pennsylvania, Washington State, New Hampshire and Vermont. These states also require specific releases which may be downloaded from our site. Click Here Resume Credentialing. Education verification, past employment verification, professional license verification. These time consuming but important elements of the employment screening process can be handled quickly and efficiently by us. Click Here Health Care Provider ScreeningFACIS® screening, criminal records checks. many health care positions not only require an initial background screening but should also include re-screening of employees, volunteers, vendors and others associated a health care organization. Employment Screening Credit Reports. For those positions where individual credit reports may be a critical part of an over all background check. such as accounting, bookkeeping and other executive positions. Click Here  Church Worker And Volunteer Screening. By their nature and mission, the public has an expectation of safety and security in churches.The church leadership is expected to exercise due diligence in the placement of church workers and volunteers. Click Here Employment Drug Screening We offer pre employment drug screening to all businesses at competitive pricing. Click Here
Consent Based Social Security Number Verifications.
E-Verify, I-9
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