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Staffing Agency Background Checks

Staffing Agency Background Checks

Staffing Agency Background Checks can help you make great placements for the employers your work with. Right now, the job market is booming, there’s something available for everyone. Still, some might have issues finding the right fit for them. Fortunately, that’s where you come in. You’re a staffing agency, your job is to place people in the right job for them. You need to be aware of who they are as a person and what their qualifications are. One of the best investments you can make in these employees are background checks for staffing agencies. The information included in one of these checks is key to a correct placement. Successful hires lead to happy employers; happy employers mean you have a great reputation. We know how quickly staffing agencies need to move in a market as competitive as it is today. We are prepared to keep pace with you.

Background Searches for Staffing Agencies

All the information included in one of our Staffing Agency Background Checks can be crucial to helping you make the right placement. There are a lot of things you need to consider. Are the hires going to be working with children? Do they work with Heavy Machinery? is there specific licenses required to do the job? You don’t want to place someone with a violent history in a workplace with children, You might not want to place someone with a history of drug abuse in a job with dangerous machinery, You need to verify that they have the licenses they say they do. The wrong placement can lead to unhappy employers, and even possibly a dangerous environment for the customers and other employees.

Low Cost, Accurate, Fast, Pre-employment Screening Services

We’ve heard the stories from our clients about how they made a misinformed decision from an inaccurate background check. When they ran a background check with us, they discovered more about their employee that they had wish they knew beforehand. The damage of an Incomplete criminal records check, inaccurate professional license verification, or an inadequate education verification is incalculable. We are here to help you make a better-informed decision, faster than anyone else, for a better price. Give us a call and we can create a package that is perfect for you. A Staffing Agency Background Check with us costs less than the price of an ink cartridge. Our average turnaround time is 24 hours, many of them are done within the same business day.

Background Check Pricing

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