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Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Background Checks

As a landlord part of your job is ensuring that the home you are providing to your tenants is a safe place to live, and one of the best ways to do that is to know who you are renting to. Tenant Background Checks can help you evaluate just who you will be renting your house to, and you can be comfortable knowing that your property is in great hands. Candidates who refuse a tenant background check might have something to hide. They could have a criminal history, an active warrant, or even a shaky credit history. These are things that you want to know before you welcome them into your community. While criminal charges can be misunderstood, its still important to be made aware of them and have a conversation about them with your candidate.

Background Checks for Tenants can Protect You Too

Background checks are also there to help you protect yourself. There are plenty of potential issues that could prove devastating to you by not doing a tenant background check. By not checking their credit report you might run into a tenant who has a history of not paying rent, or possibly have multiple evictions. By not checking their criminal history you might rent to someone who will harm your other residents or gets arrested at their home, which can lead to unrest among the community or even a lawsuit. You might even miss that they have Sex Offender Charge, which can also lead to a lawsuit depending on where your building is.

Background Checks for Landlords

The potential damage that a bad tenant can do is immeasurable. For less than the price of an ink cartridge, a background check for landlords can save you significantly more in damages, lawsuit fees and lost rent. Save yourself the trouble of a bad tenant, and gift yourself peace of mind. Give us a call and let us talk about a solution that works for you.

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