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Delivery Driver Employment Background Checks

You might be surprised to find out that delivery drivers are required to have employment background checks, but they are in fact. Smart delivery business owners and operators must take the proper steps to insure that their drivers do not harm anyone through an auto accident or other crime. New laws are being explored due to the sudden demand for delivery drivers and the negligent hiring by companies. Due to this reason, an employment background check that includes a driving record and a criminal records check is an employer’s best protection to prevent hiring risky employees. 

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The delivery driver's industry is booming

Covid-19 really changed the delivery driver industry, but even before that we were beginning to see a big market boom in online purchasing. Companies like Amazon have increased their driving fleets tenfold in the last two years. With the influx of new drivers, safety precautions have also increased. A need for safe drivers is a must to protect other drivers but also businesses. Florida legislation is working on a bill to mandate delivery driver employment background checks after a woman was killed in Boca Raton in August of 2020. It is important for business owners to protect their place of work by properly vetting their employees.

How can you make your company safe?

As the first step in this process, our instant three-year driving record report will eliminate time and money spent on unqualified or undesirable applicants. Unlike the driving history done by an insurance company, Absolute Background Search offers the best background check options for your company. Our extensive driving history records reveal a great deal about the applicant. A nationwide criminal record search, which also includes a check of the sex offender registry in all 50 states is a great tool for your company. Employers must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). There are a required series of documents that give notice to the person that you are going to do the check. Employers can even require drug screenings in states such as Colorado and Washington, which recently legalized marijuana.

Have any questions about delivery driver background checks?

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