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Background Checks for Car Dealerships

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Background checks for car dealerships are an employer’s first line of defense in avoiding losses. Theft, embezzlement, credit card fraud, harassment, workplace violence and other crimes can bring costly and even disastrous financial consequences to a dealership, it’s employees and it’s reputation. These facts illustrate the need for a comprehensive pre-employment screening. It is important that screenings includes a quality nationwide state and Federal criminal record background check for all applicants.

Car dealers know the cost of a “Bad Hire” can be limitless. That is why background checks for car dealerships are the most important first step to be taken to reduce the costs associated with hiring people that might bring claims, litigation and other avoidable losses and expenses to their businesses. Sometimes it provides the best and perhaps only defense in a negligent hiring claim.

FBI statistics reveal that the overwhelming majority of all vehicle thefts from dealerships are connected by some aspect of employee involvement. This shows the need and importance of background screening.

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Some of the ways we can help you protect your company is with Criminal Record ChecksDriving History ChecksEmployment Verification, and Drug Screening.

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