Why are Annual Background Checks Important?

Why are Annual Background Checks so Important?

How do background checks help your company? Background checks provide many benefits to a company. They help to minimize risk by protecting company assets, employees, and customers, as well as protect your reputation. Background checks are the best low cost solution to help protect your bottom line. Annual background checks provide you with continued protection.

How do Annual Background Checks Help Your Company?

When you perform pre-employment background checks it can tell you a lot about a potential employee and how they may affect your company, but how does annual background checks help?

Updates to Criminal Records

Yearly background checks are an important step in the continuation of protecting your company. Yearly checks can inform you of any changes to an employee’s criminal records. Some employees will do their best to hide any arrest or criminal charges that occur while employed with your company. They may hide this through being bailed out of jail, taking time off, or being sentenced to community service. Continued background checks may be the only way to learn of new criminal charges.

Updates to Driving Records

Viewing the driving history of an employee can tell you a lot about how they will affect your company. This check should be performed for any job that may involve the operation of a company or personal vehicle. Having drivers with a bad driving history proves to be a huge liability to you and your company. Yearly checks will show you any changes to an employee’s record and how they may affect your company.

Compliance with Local and State Laws

Some local governments and states require specific industries to conduct periodic background checks. For example caregivers or people who work with kids may be required to have periodic background checks. These laws are to help protect others and keep a safe work environment.

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