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Assisted Living Background Checks

While background checks on employees are required by most states, assisted living facilities managers should also consider screening residents for dangerous criminal records that can include the sex offender registry. It is important to ensure the safety of loved ones is the top priority in nursing homes and therefore, the liability falls to the company to make sure that safety precautions are being put into place.

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What Kind of Background Checks Do Nursing Homes Do?

According to Nursing Home Abuse Guide, the checks that assisted living facilities facilitate are mostly for violent crimes or crimes involving fraud or theft. This however leaves certain crimes unchecked. Those with history I drug related criminal activities might be missed and could be just as threatening to a workplace environment that often handles medication.

Did you know….

There are currently only 10 states that require background checks on assisted living residents in America.

Since those in assisted living and care are particularly vulnerable, it is important that employees are chosen with the upmost care. Different members of nursing homes have different health needs and some can potentially suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, muscle weakness, and other medical conditions.

The cost of background checks on residents is minor considering the cost of lawsuits and damages that care facilities would have to pay out in the event of a lawsuit. Without a proper background check on residents, other residents may be subject to living in an unsafe environment. 

Background Checks Help Keep Nursing Homes Safe

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