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HR Departments must be sure the all procedures and polices are in place to insure information security is maintained at all levels.

  •  Acknowledge and document that all responsible people understand your company’s or institution’s Acceptable Use policy.

  • Take steps to insure  contractors, part-time staff, and student workers review and acknowledge their requirement to comply with your organization’s Acceptable Use Policy. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements should be executed if appropriate to their levels of access to institutional information.

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  • Read and acknowledge the HR rules and consequences of policy violations.

  • HR department compliance begins with new hire background check information.

  • Include job descriptions which describe in detail security responsibilities of each employee handling sensitive information. Establish separation of access  and separation of duties in handling sensitive information.

  • Security Awareness  training should be conducted on a regular basis.

  • HR and Information Technology staff should be kept promptly up to date n the status of all full time and part time employees so information security access can be controlled

  • Establish procedures to insure Company / organization assets  are returned and secured promptly when employees leave.

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