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Error Messages What Does It Mean When A Report Is In “Draft”

A report will typically go into draft when the ordering process was not completed in its entirety. This is usually the result of the user simply forgetting to click the box at the bottom of the order confirmation page saying:  
Once the certification box is clicked then a final “Order Report” button will appear which the user then clicks to actually order the report. If the certification box is not clicked the “Order Report” button will not appear at which time the system will place the report in “Draft” as opposed to deleting it, allowing the report to be ordered out of Draft instead of the user having to enter all of the applicant’s information all over again in a new report. An interruption in the user’s internet connection before the report is ordered will also result in the report being placed in Draft.

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How Do I Order A Report Out Of “Draft”

Beginning on your Home page  under “Activity Statistics” in the left column you will see the word Draft. If you have any reports in Draft they will be indicated by number in the rows to the right indicating the amount of time they have been in Draft. You can see the name on the report in Draft by clicking on the number itself which will then open the draft report (see above). Once the report is open you can order the report out of Draft by clicking “Order Report”. We are happy to process the report out of Draft for you as well. 
Package ordered is incomplete 
No Record found
I Ordered a CRIMINAL RECORD SMART SEARCH PLUS® and received the alert message below. What does it mean?
The package you have ordered on this applicant is incomplete. One or more of the following search type(s) are missing. You may add the search type(s) below before continuing, or continue without adding them. If you choose to continue without adding the searches you will still be charged the package price. Click the Add Search link next to the search type(s) listed below:

Federal Criminal – Add Search

In addition to the traditional state and county criminal record searches, our CRIMINAL RECORD SMART SEARCH PLUS® contains unlimited federal criminal record searches in all Federal jurisdictions* the individual has lived in based on the last seven years of address history, as provided by the Social Security Address history Trace.
*(Federal criminal records are maintained separately by each state) If the SSN Trace results come back with “No Records Found” then our system will prompt the user that the Smart Search package is incomplete and is missing a federal jurisdiction which can be added manually by clicking on the “Add Search” link in blue to the right of “Federal Criminal” and then selecting the jurisdiction you would like to be included in the search. In this case, if there are no address records that are reported on the SS Trace, you should use should be the current state jurisdiction of residence based on the information provided on the employment application. 

If there is address history reported on the SSN Trace and you received this Alert message, then it would indicate that the last address reported was outside of the seven year history parameter. In this case, the user can simply view the SSN trace results then click “Add Search” and add the desired jurisdictions. We are also always happy to do this for our clients as well.  Just call or email us and we will be happy to add the appropriate state Federal Court jurisdictions for you.

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