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Helpful Tips For Ordering Employment Screening Background Checks

1. Always provide middle names when performing any background check.
This helps insure accurate results.

2. Always use the date of birth. It is important to get the date of birth and name spelling directly from the drivers license. Arrest records always use the date of birth as a reference

3. You never want to enter a suffix to the last name such as Jr, Sr.II, III etc. This will rarely pull a record even if the applicant has one.

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4. When completing state mandated forms such as requests for criminal or driving records, please be sure to fill in all required spaces legibly, and make sure the writing is dark enough to be easily seen by the state clerk (Think DMV).

5. Always use applicant’s legal name as shown on drivers license. The drivers license is more difficult to forge than many other documents and it is also illegal to do so.

6. Make sure the signature date is complete (Month, Date, Year) and legible and valid. Common mistakes include an incorrect year. This is the only way to get good results and certainly reduces the employers liability because they are acting in a “Prudent Manner” rather than just jumping through a liability hoop.

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