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How To Order An Employment Background Check

Then click “Sign Up Now” in the menu in the upper right corner and enter your username and password. (logins are case sensitive) Two or more failed attempts at log in will result in a security block of your IP address. If this happens, please contact our office for a re-set so that you can log in. The next page is your “order report” home page. From this page click “Order a Report” from the black band near the top of the page.The next page is your menu page. Please select the report(s) you wish to order, for example “Criminal Record Smart Search” or “Driving History,” etc. and click “Next Step” at the bottom of the page.

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On the next page please enter your applicant’s information, Name (first name first, last name last’ middle initial or name if you have it), Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and address. Then click “Next Step” at the bottom. The next page will be an order summary page which will show what types of reports were ordered and all costs associated with them. The applicant information (name, SSN, DOB) will also be shown giving you the opportunity to review it to make sure it was entered correctly before ordering. At the bottom of the order summary page will be a small box that you must click certifying that “this information will be used for an employment decision were the consumer has given written consent”. Once this small box is clicked an “Order Report” button will appear below it. Please click the “Order Report” button and the report will be ordered. Results will be emailed back to you when complete.

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