Employment Background Check FAQ

Employment Background Check FAQ

Employment Background Check Checklist

You asked and we listened. Here are some answers to your employment background check FAQ.

Why should I do a background check?

Employment background checks can improve the quality of your hire, improve workplace safety, increase employee retention, decrease employee theft, and reduce workplace violence. And that’s just the start.

It is estimated that 40 percent of people lie on their resumes. Nearly one third of the U.S. adult population has a criminal record. Understanding that an interview isn’t enough anymore is critical to the success of your company. In many industries it has become less about “do I have the qualifications?” and more about “how can I pass this interview?”. This is a dangerous thought process and is hazardous to employers. The damage that a “bad hire” can have is immeasurable. By taking a proactive approach to employee safety and quality, you are avoiding a number of bad situations.

Who should I do a background check on?

In order to avoid discriminatory practices, all candidates applying for the same position should undergo the exact same pre-employment background check.

What kind of employment background screening should i do?

Each industry has unique things they need from their background checks. For example the transportation industry might require employees to have a clean driving record, or a warehouse might require that their employees pass a drug test.

While our Smart Search package is popular among most employers, some industries need more information. We offer custom background screening packages tailored to your companies exact needs. Check out our other services.

What makes a high quality background check?

A high quality background check has 5 primary factors.

  1. Compliance with the FCRA, federal, and state laws
  2. High accuracy and verified sources
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Quick turnaround time
  5. Exceptional customer service

The problem with many free background check services is that no one is paid to put time into a thorough background check, maintain the databases, and verify the sources. There isn’t one big database that contains every criminal record. We have to search through several databases at the federal, state, and county level to provide the best product possible.

What does the FCRA require of an employer?

The FCRA requires employers to

  1. Obtain a signed consent form from the applicant, and provide the applicant with a written disclosure stating they may request a background check. The forms that must be signed include the Authorization for Release of Information Form and the Disclosure Form
  2. This release must be on a separate document and may not be part of the employment application.

If the employment background check includes information that causes the employer not to hire an applicant the following steps must be taken. The applicant must be given a copy of the background check along with a “Pre-Adverse Action Notice” and a copy of the “Summary of Rights Under the FCRA”. If the final decision is not to hire the applicant, the employer should send the applicant an adverse action letter and another copy of “Summary of Rights Under the FCRA.” The applicant has the right to dispute the accuracy of the information included in a background check. If so, the background check provider must reinvestigate within 30 days. Contact information for the screening agency that completed your applicants background checks is included in the Adverse Action Letter, and the candidate should contact them directly.

To learn more about the FRCA and what it is.

Why are there so many legal requirements involved with background checks?

Legitimate employment screening service providers are CRAs (Credit reporting agencies) and are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The purpose of the FCRA is to ensure that accurate, up-to-date, and legally disclosable information is first verified and then reported on individuals. The FCRA also gives people an opportunity to dispute information.

How long should a pre-employment background check take?

Our results are typically returned within 24-48 hours.

We understand the urgency that employers have filling a position. We understand the urgency that an applicant has in getting a job. This is why we make sure that our turnaround time is much shorter than the industry average. According to our competitors a background check should take 2-4 days. We disagree.

For more information “How Long Should A Background Check Take?”

How far back does a background check go?

A typical background check will go back 7 years. Although this can vary state to state.

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