How to Order a Background Check

How to Order a Background Check

with Absolute Background Search

After you create your account, here’s how to order a background check with Absolute Background Search:

1 – When you log in, this will be your home screen.

2 – You will see searches where your applicant has begun the process but have not yet submitted their information, searches that are pending, searches that are completed, and searches that require further review.

3 – In the middle of the menu bar at the top, you will see My Apps, it has a dropdown menu. Open it up and click on AppScreen Management. You can also click the quick-link on the right hand side of the page.

4 – Once you come to this page, you’ll click Send Invitation on the right hand side.

5 – Then, you’ll put in your applicant’s first and last name.

6 – Next, it will ask you for the applicant’s email address, and then to confirm that email address.

7 – Afterwards, it’ll ask you to choose one of our custom packages that suit your company’s needs.

8 – Finally, you’ll click Send Invitation.

9 – Congratulations, you have just successfully invited an applicant to begin their background check!


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