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Volunteer Screening

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Volunteering is all about giving back to the community and helping to create something bigger and better for future generations. Most volunteers are trained and have varying skills and come from all different walks of life. Since it is hard to know the background of every person, volunteer screening is an absolutely essential part of bringing volunteers into your church, health care organization, or charity. However, not all organizations pay close attention to the monitoring of volunteer labor and because of this oversight, risk potential hazards in their charitable environment.

Why is Volunteer Screening Important?

You can never be too safe when accepting help in your workplace. Volunteers create a potential hazard just like any other employee would. The first background check you should run on anyone doing business on your behalf is a criminal record search. At Absolute Background Search, our criminal record “Smart Search®” is a background check that provides a thorough background screening for any volunteer. This screening also includes an unlimited check of Federal criminal records. It is increasingly important to check these added Federal records as they now make up as much as 10 % of all criminal records. Also, those charged in the Federal criminal system have been charged with some of the most serious crimes. 

We offer background checks for Charities, Medical ClinicsHealth Care volunteers, Nonprofit, Hospitals, Home Health Care, Private Hospitals, Hospice Care, and  Nursing Homes.  Our Multi-state criminal record auto-verify meets the minimum FCRA compliance requirements for screening that includes a check of the sex offender registry in all 50 states. It is inexpensive and literally instant unless records must be verified. Of course, we also provide FACIS® screening at all levels.

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