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Smart Search Plan

All of the basics. Simple, hassle-free background checks.

National database of more than 400 million criminal records, from the following sources:

  1. Our criminal index contains almost 500 million individuals and we have over 2 billion criminal records ranging across 1,400+ jurisdictions
  2. State and County Administrator of Court Records
  3. State Departments of Correction Records
  4. ABS proprietary criminal conviction records
  5. Fugitive File
  6. Government Watch Lists
  7. State Sexual Predator List

Our Smart Search packages are automated processes in which we perform a thorough and comprehensive criminal background check on your applicant. The search itself uses artificial intelligence to run the best and most cost-effective searches on an applicant’s criminal past at the local, state, and federal level. Results are typically returned within 24 hours or less and cover the entire United States. The package is very thorough and by itself covers the majority of needs for pre-employment screening. To learn more about how this product works or to get a full list of services and products available please contact us below.

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