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California Background Checks

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In California background checks services are allowed. This includes employment drug screening and pre-employment criminal record checks. As an employer, it is your responsibility to hire the most qualified candidates for your company. This is where background checks come into play. Pre-employment background checks help you in your decision to hire the most qualified candidates for your company. The information you receive can show you some of the potential risks and liabilities that individuals can bring.

California Background Checks Laws and Requirements

Employers must comply with laws concerning consumer reports, (Employment Background Checks)  and driver’s record information. As of July 1, 2017, A California law titled the Fair Employment and Housing Council (FEHC), imposes additional legal limits on employers obtaining and using this type of information. In addition, California employers must also be guided by their obligations under the FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act and other state laws. Be sure to have a signed release from the applicant before ordering a background check or driving record. The FCRA requires that the release be on a distinct and separate piece of paper and may not be part of an employment application or any other form. For more legal rules and regulations

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