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Florida Background Checks

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As an employer, it is your responsibility to hire the most qualified candidates for your company. You need to find employees that best represent you, have the most value, and bring the least amount of risk. Our Florida background checks provide you with comprehensive driving records, criminal records, and drug screening. This will allow you to make the most informed decision for your company.

Florida does not have restrictions on performing background checks. However, unless the conviction was for a felony or first-degree misdemeanor and is directly related to the type of work the person will do in that profession, the law specifically prohibits state and local agencies from denying someone a license, permit, or certificate to engage in a particular profession or industry based on a prior conviction.

Negligent Hiring in Florida

In many states, when anyone is injured by an employee’s misconduct, a suit is often filed alleging “negligent hiring” on the part of the employer. Florida law provides employers with some protections not found in many states.

When Florida employers conduct a good criminal record background check, employers are legally presumed not to have been negligent in hiring if they conduct a background investigation before hiring employees. If the criminal record background check did not uncover any information reasonably demonstrating that the employee was unfit for employment, the employer is entitled to a presumption that it did not act negligently. 

This is where it may be important for the employer to be able to argue that not only did they conduct a background check, but that they conducted a thorough pre-employment background check performed by a credible company.

What can we do for you?

A current Florida county criminal records background check is recommended for the most up to date and complete employment background check information. Consideration to providing jobs to qualified individuals, including those with criminal convictions. Our criminal records Smart Search Plus® has become the industry standard for a quality criminal records background check. It includes an unlimited check of the Federal criminal records repositories in the states where the applicant has lived for the past 7 years. It also includes a check of any needed state and county criminal records checks as well as a social security number address history trace, a multi-state criminal records database search and a check of of the sex offender registry in all 50 states. It is the criminal records background check now chosen by most of our clients.

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