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Washington Background Checks

Washington Background Checks

In the state of Washington all employment background check services including instant driving records, pre-employment drug screening and employment criminal record background checks are available.

Absolute Background Search, Inc. provides professional pre-employment screening services which is the first line of defense for Washington state employers to help you protect your employees and clients from the costly effects of making a “Bad Hire.” 

Washington Pre-Employment Background Checks

In Washington employers can get criminal history information only for specified purposes, which include pre-employment background checking as it relates to that applicant’s fitness to perform the particular job sought. Employers must notify the employee or prospective employee that they are making an inquiry into their criminal record and must make the records available to the employee.

Use Of Social Media In Washington Pre-Employment Screening

Washington prohibits employers from demanding employees or applicants to reveal their usernames or passwords linked to social networking sites. The state of Washington also prohibits employers from forcing employees to display their social networking profiles for review.

Washington's 7 Year Rule for Background Checks

It is fairly common for states to have what they call a 7 year rule. This rule does not allow background checks to report any criminal records, arrests, indictments, or convictions older than 7 years. However, Washington waives the seven-year time limit if the applicant is reasonably expected to make more than $20,000 per year.

At-Will Law

Washington law states that employees are presumed to be “at will.” At-will employees may be terminated for any reason, so long as it is not illegal. Generally, employees that work under an employment contract can only be terminated for reasons specified in the contract. In Washington, in order to overcome the at-will presumption, an employee must show that the employer made clear and unequivocal statements of job security to the employee. 

Ban the Box/Fair Chance law

The ban the box law in Washington states that employers are prohibited from asking applicants about arrest or convictions until they are found to be qualified. Employers can not ask about criminal records until they are found to be qualified, and they may not advertise jobs that exclude potential applicants with criminal records.

Ban the box law does not apply to any jobs that involve working with children or vulnerable adults, financial institutions, volunteers, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies.

What can we do for you?

Absolute Background Search, Inc. provides employment screening and employment background check services for Washington. We provide employment screening services for hospitals, nursing homes, franchised auto dealers, staffing companies, and more. 

Our criminal records Smart Search Plus®  has become the industry standard for a quality FCRA Compliant criminal records background check. It includes an unlimited check of the Federal criminal records repositories in the states where the applicant has lived for the past 7 years. It also includes a check of any needed state and county criminal records checks as well as a social security number address history trace, a multi-state criminal records database search, and a check of the sex offender registry in all 50 states. It is the criminal records background check now chosen by most of our clients. For a brief overview of all of our employment screening services, please Click Here.

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