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Convenience Store Background Checks

The convenience store industry is faced with the challenge of hiring and retaining high-quality and honest employees. Employees often work with no coworker, supervisor, or accountability. It is no wonder that such a large portion of theft is not from customers, but from employees. A quality convenience store background check could prevent many of these thefts from ever happening. In the face of sometimes minimal pay and countless hours of access to company property, the need for a quality pre-employment background check is evident. A thorough criminal records background check for your convenience store is the first line of defense in protecting your company’s assets, employees, and customers.

Convenience Store Background Checks

How Can I Reduce Shrink?

42.7% of shrink is from employees

Think about it, every retail employee spends countless hours walking through their store. It is not difficult to see why shrink is so high. You cannot completely judge somebody’s character in an interview, especially not when 78% of people lie during the hiring process. Lucky for you there is a way to combat this. We can verify the contents of an application by performing a pre-employment background check. Criminal records, driving history, wants, warrants, and even workers’ compensation claims all show up on our convenience store background checks.

How long does a retail employment screening take?

Depending on the information, as soon as you place your order. The rest of the information will get to you on the same exact day. We understand that you do not have the time to wait days for more information, which is exactly why we offer results as soon as now.

What we can do for you…

A retail background check is one of the best low-cost investments for your company. It can be as cheap as an ink cartridge, so give us a call and let us talk about how we could save you multiple ink cartridges.

Have any more questions for us?

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