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Jewelry Store Employee Background Checks

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The jewelry business is faced with the challenge of hiring and retaining high quality and honest employees. Since Jewelry store employees often work without a coworker or supervisor on site,  jewelry store employee background checks are a must. With many opportunities to access company property and funds, the need for a quality pre-employment background check should be non-negotiable in this line of work.

A thorough criminal records background check is an employers first line of defense in protecting the company’s assets, fellow employees and customers.

Why are Employee Background Checks important?

Jewelry store’s require a plethora of employees in order to make their stores run successfully. Jewelers frequently undergo extensive on the job training to perfect cutting and analyzing the different types of stones and metals that retailers and customers bring in daily. It is an extremely high skill job that not just anyone can do. Then they need fine jewelry sales associates and consultants along with store managers and security monitoring the store as well. But the secret behind true security is to begin from within. If you cant trust your employees, how can you expect your business to profit?

How do you protect your jewelry store from theft?

It is important to take the first steps of security from within your own business by creating a safe work environment. With a thorough background check, you will have the beginning tools readily available for a safe company environment. As an owner, keeping your valuables safe does not start with the customers but with the hiring process. Jewelry store employee background checks are a must for owners.

Our practice is prevention and most employee problems can be prevented during the hiring process. With a thorough background screening and our specialized state by state analysis we can help keep your company safe and even help you navigate if your applicant has a criminal history. Our background checks are customizable so that you do not have to pay for services you don’t want or need. They typically include:

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