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Sales Representative Background Check

What jobs require a background check? Well in short, most business’s do. With every employee hired to represent a company, there is a risk to the brand. What if that sales or account representative employee has a relevant criminal record? Do you take credit cards? Should the people who work as your sales or account representatives be trusted with a customers personal or business credit information? Again, yes. As a sales representative, a background check is an extra layer of protection for the company. 

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What jobs require a background check?

Sales representatives are typically the first ones to meet a new customer and therefore have the opportunity of giving the first impression. This is crucial to a business and because of this high stakes roll, companies are selective due to the sales representatives interacting with current and potential customers.  Pre-Employment screening is a normal practice in the pharmaceutical world due to fraud and the kind of goods that they interact with daily. Pharmaceutical sales representatives are highly trusted professionals that make crucial decisions regularly and therefore must gain the trust of the company. In the automotive industry employees are also subjected to pre-employment screening, contrary to popular belief, along with jewelry store employees, and other retail operations.

What causes a red flag on a background check?

Did you know that as much as 10% of all crimes are now prosecuted in the Federal criminal records court system? Crimes such as credit card fraud, tax fraud, embezzlement  and other internet related crimes are most often prosecuted in the Federal criminal justice system. The liability arising out of the theft of a customer’s personal or business credit card information, social security number, other identifiers or personal medical information could be enormous. The best way to manage this risk is to run a thorough professionally managed criminal record background check. Many criminal records background checks will not detect any Federal criminal records. 

In some states, background checks are only allowed to reach back so far into a persons past. Also each state and county have their own set of rules that do not allow crimes that did not resolve in a conviction to show up on a background check. It is important for businesses and employees to know their own rights before walking into an interview. 

Our Criminal Record “Smart Search Plus®” offers employers the employment screening industry’s best and most comprehensive employment screening background check, including a check of Federal criminal records. This is the criminal record background check you need to ensure that the employees you hired meet the trust requirements of the industry.

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