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Property Management

The liability exposure of property management services companies is enormous. They are particularly vulnerable to misconduct by their employees as they are in apartments, homes, or businesses as they go about doing their jobs. Property managers and property management services companies need to be aware of both negligent hiring liability and negligent access lawsuits. Even if it is not the property management company’s employee, sub-contractors, repairmen and others granted access may bring liability to the property management company. They may be missing as many as 10% of their applicant’s criminal records that may be found in the Federal criminal records system. Moreover, these are not usually minor crimes.

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Best Practices

There are a multitude of things to be considered when owning and managing a property. Living spaces must be kept up with and tenants are meant to feel safe while on a property. Many different factors go into owning property that other people live in and safety should always come first. Safety of course comes in many different packages to different people such as a fence or an alarm system, or Homeowner Associations, the list is endless. As property owners you are protecting your own property as well as others so airing on the side of caution should be is the best practice especially within their own staff. 

Alarm Systems Are Property Management's Best Friend

Safety often comes in the form of installing, programming, maintaining, and repairing security and fire alarm wiring and equipment. By ensuring that a security system works will help instill assurance from the renters. Alarm installation and services companies can be extremely vulnerable to the actions of an unsuitable employee, so shopping around to find the right security installation company is a good place to start. Research through google and local reviews can be your best friend for finding the best fit for your properties.  

What Do They Check For Tenant Screening?

A tenant background check should be a the first step for any property manager. Federal criminal records are maintained entirely separately by the Federal court system in each state. Now many crimes such as Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud, Tax Evasion, and many others are prosecuted in the Federal criminal justice system and not in state or county criminal courts. In these cases, an applicant who has not incurred a criminal record in a state or county court, may have a serious criminal record in the Federal court system. Those Federal criminal records would go undetected during a traditional state and county criminal record background search. 

As a result, many of our clients now routinely choose to include a check of Federal criminal records on their prospective employees. A tenant screening checks include:

How Can We Help You Keep Your Property Safe?

Our newly developed proprietary software allows us to access the Federal criminal records systems in any state an applicant may have lived in. Therefore, a search of multi-state Federal criminal records can be included at a minimal cost to the standard criminal record Smart Search. At Absolute Background Search we believe in paying for only what you need, our packages are fully customizable to fit your specific needs. This helps current and future property managers keep their properties safe at minimal costs.


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