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Taxi Driver Background Checks

Taxi business owners have a responsibility to their customers and employees to do everything in their power to ensure their safety. Taxi driver background checks can be the first line of defense for the safety of your customers and other employees.  In 2018 Uber released a safety report which disclosed more than 3000 reports of sexual assault and 107 deaths. That year Uber served 2.3 billion rides over 10.2 billion miles driven. The state of Colorado found out that some of the drivers of rideshare companies had major traffic violations or a criminal history. Every mile is another opportunity for an incident and with the proper precautions, many incidents could be avoided in the future.

Taxi Driver Background Checks

Why are Background Check for Taxi Drivers important?

While necessary for most jobs, taxi drivers are different. They are trusted alone with the safety of the customers. A good background check for taxi drivers is a necessity for these employees. We recommend annual background checks for situations like this, things can change a lot for someone over the course of a year. New traffic violations, or other crimes might show up that could make you think twice about a potential hire or even a current employee.

Make sure you are armed with the right information when deciding on an applicant. Knowing the criminal records and driving history can make a huge difference in the happiness of your customers and the image of your company. By doing the right research ahead of time and having taxi driver background checks done you are putting your best foot forward and ensuring the safety of your customers and employees.

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