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Driving History

Driving history checks provide valuable information to make you aware of a potential hire’s history, and potential liability they bring to your company. Performing this pre-employment check helps you to hire qualified candidates, protect against liability claims, and minimizes risk.

When Should You Perform a Driving History Check?

Viewing the driving history of a potential employee, contractor, or volunteer can tell you a lot about how they will affect your company. This should be performed for any job that involves operating a vehicle. Examples of these jobs include delivery driver, valet, taxi driver, bus driver, drivers of company vehicles, dealership employees, and many more. Not all jobs are going to be specific to driving but may still involve the operation of a company or personal vehicle.

How Does a Driving History Check Work?

This is a statewide search with all information obtained directly from the state of issuance. This search will reveal the applicant’s 3 to 10 year history on average. The history length is determined by the State and type and purpose of request. A driver’s license number, full name, and in some states, date of birth and address are required to obtain a motor driving record. A Standard Release is required for all driving history requests, and some states require state specific releases, and still other states require a Notarized Release.

What is Included in a Driving History Check?

Our search provides helpful and important information to assist you and your company in the hiring process. At a minimum our results usually include:

  • Date of Expiration
  • Date of Issuance
  • Traffic Violations
  • Driving Related Offenses
  • Endorsements
  • Type of License
  • Any Restrictions, Suspension, or Revocations

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